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Faith Hair Studio Bridal Party Package


At Faith Hair Studio brides can expect to feel radiant and can relax knowing that their hair and makeup is one less thing to worry about when we get to be a part of your special day. With the bride there is a mandatory trial run for both hair and makeup. No other participants within the bridal party are required to participate in a trial run. All formal styling services should arrive on the day with CLEAN, TOTALLY DRY hair. Should hair need to be dried before styling a $10 service fee will be applied.

For in salon services all trials are discounted half price. Hair styles including blowouts, and formal styling (an up-do/ down-do) are available. Bridal formal styling is reserved a longer period for precision and lastminute enhancements and therefore has a price based on time and skill required. During a trial run please bring your veil, so we can discuss placement within your style. On the day of we can attach it for you.

For makeup, airbrush and event makeup is available. Airbrush makeup is silicone based and therefore waterproof and lasts 13 hours before wearing down. Event makeup is not waterproof but can offer a dewy or matte finish. Trial run price for bridal makeup is half of desired effect for the application.

Eyelashes are also available for anyone in the bridal party. An additional fee of $3 per lash for enhancement only, or $30 for a full set effect lashes.

On-site services are applicable as long as there is at least a 4 to 6-month pre-booking and/or availability, traveling from the salon starts out at a $200 travel fee. An additional fee of $175 will be applied for closing out the appointment book per stylist for the day and travel time. Should any long-distance or overnight travel be requested, details can be worked out through staff availability and with management. Any traveling before 8am for earlier events will incur an additional travel fee.  A full day fee will be applied, and all hotel/flight accommodations paid for by the bridal party.

Upon booking, a non-refundable deposit will be required. * All deposits do not include the day of event pricing. Chart only includes services not additional fees. Services are not able to be requested by level by any party member besides the Bride.


STYLIST Blowout Formal Styling Event Makeup Airbrush Makeup Eyelashes

*Individual Enhancement


*Full Set

Bridal Formal Styling Bridal Trial Run
LEVEL 1 $50 $65 NA NA $3 per lash $30 NA NA
LEVEL 2 $60 $80 $60 $95 $3 per lash $30 $95 $45
LEVEL 3 $70 $95 $60 $95 $3 per lash $30 $120 $50
LEVEL 4 $75 $115 $65 $120 $3 per lash $30 $140 $60



*Deposits can only be refunded if canceled outside of 20 business days. Anything canceled after 20 business is forfeited over to the salon.

*Typical styles take 1 hour to perform. All formal styling can vary based on hair texture & density. Please make notes when scheduling if your bridal party has someone with various hair textures (thick, coarse, curly, fine). Doing so it ensures we keep you on time with your schedule for the happy day.

Airbrush Makeup

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