Advanced Employment and Education at Faith Hair Studio

I love and live for education, always wanting to elevate not just myself, but those around me. That’s what makes Faith Hair Studio so unique. This isn’t just about exceptional hair. This is about helping educate and empower those to get there; within these walls there is a College of Cosmo. All stylists receiving advanced educational opportunities as well as opening the doors to host seminars for all cosmos interested in furthering their education, no matter what stage they’re in. Which is why we are always accepting applications. We want to not just make everyone feel and look better within these walls, we want to expand out and reach all around us.

Training and Professional Development

A schedule of specific training and orientation has been established and is ready and waiting for you to grow. All in house educational classes are complimentary and built to help you grow into your best self. Are you ready to elevate yourself to the next level? Because we want to empower you to get there! We are looking for exemplifying behaviors that are best for team building and continuous growth with zero theatrics, full of opportunity.

Trendsetter Auditions

The idea behind a Trendsetter is to see where you are in your craft so we can best guide you on your career. For any applicants, a phase called Trendsetter was designed to give complimentary education to any stylist for a 3 week period, including shadowing and professional development standards. Trendsetters are expected to report to the Studio weekly and all complimentary classes are to have live models for your benefit.  If you love Faith Hair Studio as much as we do, then join us and a 90 day probationary period in the New Talent program begins.

New Talent

This phase was designed to build your knowledge and skill set while giving you confidence and goal setting tools. Complimentary weekly training continues in the New Talent program for a minimum of 12 weeks where you will learn both the Aveda rituals of scalp, neck and hand massage but also sophisticated full proof styling, precision color and cutting, updos and so very much more. A required test out will give you the opportunity to work as New Talent BTC while you continue in your training. You will be paired with a Faith Family member who will aide and mentor in your training and success. Progression into the level system is up to the drive of the individual stylist.

Outreach Seminars

This is an open class for non-branded additional education to aide and empower any stylist no matter their level or place in the industry. Beginning with one free annual seminar and 2 small fee classes to help improve your skillset and trade. From verbiage in consultation to precision applications, cutting and styling. A list of classes will be announced every January for availability. All fees include certain tools needed for specific techniques displayed. Sign up to receive emails for future class announcements and reservations.